CINQ Smart Diffuser

Unique Fragrance For
Your Home

Personalize your space with the CINQ Smart Diffuser that dynamically streams the scents you love.

Experience a Dynamic Fragrance Atmosphere at Home

Home is where you go to clear your mind, unwind and relax. Your home fragrance
should reflect that.

Choosing from a variety of candles, diffusers or air-fresheners to freshen up your home can turn into a chore. You might even find yourself turned off with the scent you selected,
once it’s in your home.

The CINQ Smart Diffuser was designed to create your own personalized aroma throughout the house with the help of artificial intelligence.

The best part is, you don’t have to lift a finger to change scents.

CINQ Predicts Your Personalized Home Scent

After you entered your scent preferences in our Scent Master Kit app,
CINQ optimizes your personalized fragrance profile with artificial intelligence – using your preferences as a guide to create thousands of unique scent combinations.

The result?

Your favorite fragrances are now on auto-pilot and the device will dynamically create scents you’ll love.

How It Works

It’s like a streaming music service – but, with scents.

CINQ learns from your fragrance usage patterns and uses algorithms to dynamically adjust your signature scent throughout the day.

It combines artificial intelligence with a set of five fragrance cartridges to create thousands of unique scent combinations aligned with your personal preferences.

Pair your smartphone with your CINQ device and follow the simple set-up instructions.

Insert the 5 cartridges you received based on your scent discovery profile previously inputted into the CINQ SMK app.

Adjust your preferences for the intensity of each scent.

Sit back, relax, and let the artificial intelligence dynamically refresh your scent combinations. You can manually intervene to adjust at any time.

Beat Smell Fatigue

You finally find a scent you love. You place it in your room. After a period of time, you can’t smell it anymore.

That’s because odor receptors stop sending messages about a new smell to the brain after just several minutes.

It’s known as smell fatigue, or going nose-blind.

CINQ eliminates this problem.

Throughout the day, the device dynamically creates a variety of scent combinations based on your preferences.

Your signature fragrance will never get old and your nose will thank you.

Pairs with Alexa

Alexa can’t spray your house with air-freshener.

But she can make your home smell amazing.

CINQ syncs effortlessly with Alexa, giving you the ability to manage your home scent with maximum convenience.

Use It In Any Room

CINQ is lightweight and sleek. It’s wireless and blends in anywhere, making it easy to move from one room to another.

Whether you’re relaxing in the bathtub, or making dinner in the kitchen.

It’s even compact enough to bring into work at the office.

Safe Around Kids and Pets

Whether it’s your toddler in his terrible twos or your adventurous furry friend, there’s plenty you need to safeguard around the house.

Your home fragrance device shouldn’t be one of them.

You can rest assured with CINQ.

There’s no open flames to deal with, no glass products to break and no liquids for them to spill or ingest.

Home Fragrance Connoisseurs Love CINQ

From eliminating nose blindness to creating a signature scent, CINQ satisfies even the most sophisticated of senses.

“The smell lasts longer than the usual 15 minutes, even longer than 2 weeks!”

“This will make you feel home again, every time you enter your home.”

“Turn it on and AI operates it for you.”

“Easy to use and worry-free to maintain.”

“Enjoy the comfort of using remote controls within the app to adjust your scent.”

“It’s wireless and flexible to move anywhere in your home.”

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Trust CINQ to Stream Your Scents

Never worry about your home fragrance ever again.

Experience the world’s first and leading home fragrance subscription service powered by artificial intelligence.

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